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How to Design Your House

JonSimon Estate Agents are experts in all things housing and property – especially when it comes to designing and adding value to your home. In this guide, we aim to fill you with tips and tricks to design your dream house without breaking the bank.   Designing your house in the current housing market   Over […]

What Are The House Prices Near You?

To give an overview of the current housing market, housing prices have increased dramatically between 2020 and 2022 – no doubt a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. Looking at general house prices shows that a home in Manchester cost approximately £212,820.31 in 2020, increasing to £227,057.68 in 2021, and currently rests at £232,867.76. When compared to […]

When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a House?

Like all markets, the housing market fluctuates. However, despite all odds, the property market has managed to thrive throughout the tumultuous past couple of years – which has led our expert team of estate agents to the question: When is the best time of year to buy a house? Our experts will break it down in this […]

Will House Prices Drop in 2022?

The latest property market news has been saturated with talk about the cost of living crisis, alongside record levels of buyer demand meeting a limited supply of houses. Despite an active market, many financial outlets have reported that it’s becoming even more difficult for prospective homeowners and first-time buyers to get a foot on the […]

How To Best Sell Your House

In 2021, nearly one third of homes across England and Wales sold for more than their asking price, showing the strength of the sellers’ market during coronavirus, as well as the impact of housing shortages, low mortgage rates and the incentive of the stamp duty holiday. Along with the demand for homes better suited to […]

Property Management Guide

Managing a property can come with certain challenges, and it can be quite overwhelming for first-time property managers to navigate around all the different rules and aspects of property management. There are a number of stages to go through that involve various people in the process. This is why failing to prepare effectively could lead […]

5 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Providing you have the money and time to invest, adding value to your home via renovation is always a sound decision. Whether you’ve been in your current property for 5 years, or 5 weeks, there are always fantastic and innovative ways of adding a few thousand pounds more to the cost of your house. Our expert […]

When Does The Stamp Duty Holiday End And What Does This Mean For Potential Homeowners?

Throughout the pandemic, the stamp duty holiday, a government help scheme implemented during last year’s lockdowns, has been of great benefit to the property market. The stamp duty holiday has given the housing market a boost and helped many buy their homes during this uncertain time.   Though the housing market has continued to be […]

A Guide to 95% Mortgages: The Government’s Latest Scheme for Homeowners

In the most recent budget, the government announced the 5% deposit mortgages scheme – a type of mortgage that allows buyers to borrow 95% of the property price from providers, providing that they have a 5% deposit for their new home. The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has introduced the scheme to mortgage lenders as public finances […]

Top Tips For Selling Your House During Winter

Whilst many consider the winter – particularly the run-up to Christmas – to be a time that’s best spent relaxing and unwinding before a fresh start in the new year, many see this period as a fantastic time to sell their homes, with less competition on the market during this time of year. The start […]

COVID-19 And The Property Market – Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

If one thing is certain right now – it’s that we live in an uncertain time! We are leaving lockdown, but re-entering a real world that is different to the one we left back in March. You’re probably sick of hearing about everyone getting used to the ‘new normal’, but it’s certainly a big part […]

Your Guide To The Property Market During COVID-19

As lockdown hit the UK a few months ago, the property market came to a grinding halt. Fortunately, we’re now in a position where the restrictions and measures in place have begun to be eased and lifted, allowing us once again to get the process of buying and moving home in action. But things aren’t […]

Looking for a buy to let in Burnley? An overview. July 2020

Burnley is a complex housing market. Here in the office, we deal with a lot of enquiries from investors who aren’t overly familiar with the town and want to know things like ‘which postcode to search in’ or ask ‘if I spend £65000 what rent will I achieve?’   The reality is that those questions […]

Are You A UCLAN Student Looking For A Place To Live?

If you’ll be joining UCLAN’s Burnley campus soon and are still looking for that perfect place to live, then we reckon we’ve found it. The recently renovated Duke of York Apartments have luxury down to a tee, complete with a fully-fitted kitchen, communal kitchen and/or living space and security features including an electronic visual intercom […]