How Can I Sell My House Quickly?

24th September 2019

If you’ve ever tried to sell a house, or you’re in the process of selling, then your probably know how long and arduous it can be. Complications and setbacks are commonplace, and it’s easy to become frustrated and to feel like you’re simply not getting anywhere.

Selling a property can seem like an overwhelming prospect, especially if you’re trying to sell it quickly. We’re in a relatively slow market at the moment, and you can’t expect your property to be rife with offers over the asking price the moment it goes on the market. Selling your property can be a tense and stressful time, especially if there are factors meaning that you need to sell quickly, adding more pressure to the task.

These days, homeowners need to go above and beyond to make their property as appealing as possible. If you want to receive a lot of generous offers for your home, then there’s a bit of work you can do to push the process along a bit. Here at JonSimon, we’ve got a few tips for things that you can do to move your house sale on a bit more quickly:


  • Make sure you’re ready for the sale
  • Get the information your solicitor will need ready
  • Do small bits of work around the house
  • Focus on first impressions
  • De-personalise
  • Choose the right estate agent


Make Sure You’re Ready For The Sale

The likelihood is that both you and your buyer will be in a chain, i.e. looking to buy/sell a property themselves. This almost always means that the selling process will be slower, but you can help things by being as ready as you can be for any purchase you’re planning to make. Speak to your mortgage advisor and have a solicitor ready in advance. On average about 30% of sales fall through, so the chances are high – you need to be ready when the opportunity arises.

Get The Information Your Solicitor Will Need Ready

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in buying and selling a house. A great thing to do is to get as much of this paperwork ready in advance. From window and door certificates, building regulation certificates, legal documents, EPC, boiler warranties and more – having these things prepared will speed things up for you and your solicitor.

Do Small Bits Of Work Around The House

We tend to advise against the undertaking of significant housework before or during a sale. It can be disruptive, become delayed, and also not be to the tastes of potential buyers. However, doing small bits of work can be a great idea. Keeping your kitchen and bathroom in good condition can add value to your property. Small things like a new coat of paint, or fixing small things can easily make your property more appealing.

Focus On First Impressions

When potential buyers visit your house, the chances are that they will make up their mind incredibly quickly – within a few minutes, even. It’s well known that curb appeal (how a property looks from outside) can have a huge impact on potential buyers. With this in mind, we very much recommend that you keep your front garden tidy and perhaps repaint the front door while selling. When a buyer visits your home, you want their first impression to be positive.


While trying to sell your home, it’s a good idea to think about what’s going on in the buyer’s head. They’re certainly going to be trying to imagine the property as their own. With that in mind, try to offer potential buyers a relatively blank canvas. Declutter a little bit and consider removing from sight some of the more personal trinkets and decorations. This way, buyers can more easily see themselves living in the house.

Choose The Right Estate Agent

You want to pick an estate agent that comes with a good reputation and plenty of excellent reviews – an agency that is established and that you know you can trust. A good estate agent will help you to get your property in front of the right potential buyers’ eyes, will reach a wide audience, and guide you throughout the process of selling.

Here at JonSimon Estate Agents, we live and breathe property sales. We have plenty of registered buyers and we’re always proactive when it comes to negotiating and securing you not only a fast sale, but a good asking price too. Our job is to maximise your proceeds from the sale and ensure a successful and happy move. Established in Radcliffe in 2008, we are one of North Manchester’s leading estate agents. We welcome anyone attempting to sell a property to get in touch and discover how JonSimon can help you secure a smooth and easy sale.

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