How to prepare for a property viewing during COVID

24th September 2020

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic brought the UK to a standstill during the lockdown. The effects are far reaching and will be long lasting, including those on the property market. Now, however, we are in a period where things are beginning to get back up and running again. 

This means that everyone who had to postpone or freeze their home move due to the lockdown has now begun the process of getting the cogs of the UK property market moving again. Here at JonSimon Estate Agents, we understand just how eager you might be to get your house move back upand running. This means that there’s a bit of a backlog, and things can move frustratingly slowly. 

Not to mention the fact that the effect of the pandemic means that everything has to be performed with public health, safety and hygiene as the utmost priority. Demand is higher than ever but there are certain precautions you can take when attempting to sell your home that not only make the process safer for all those involved, but that also help the entire process move a little bit more quickly. 

Hosting property viewings is a huge part of selling your property and getting it on the market. But the prospect of inviting strangers into your home for house viewings obviously raises a few concerns at the moment. With social distancing, PPE and cleanliness all part of our ‘new normal’, the question becomes how you can ensure that your home is safe to host a COVID-secure physical viewing. Let’s take a look at some of the precautions you can take. 


1. Consider implementing virtual viewings

Even before the coronavirus had us all locked down under stay at home measures in March, estate agents up and down the country were already taking steps to embrace video and new technology when showcasing and marketing a property. Everything from video walkthroughs, overhead drone footage and even 3D imaging in some cases can help advertise a property in a new and even more comprehensive manner. 

Virtual viewings are now being specifically encouraged under the government’s official health guidelines regarding COVID-19. Buyers will look for any opportunity to research your property as much as possible before even considering a physical viewing – investing in video to host virtual viewings could get you a step ahead during the pandemic and beyond. 

It’s the best time possible to start testing out different ways of marketing your property. If you’re not sure how to start, just get in touch with your estate agent today! Many have already begun to embrace new technology in marketing property online, so if you want to entice prospective buyers before they even enter your home, virtual viewings may be the way to go. 


2. Wear and supply PPE wherever possible

If you are going to be present in the home during the property viewing, it’s important that you wear the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). This can include things such gloves and a facemask, both of which are recommended under official guidelines in keeping safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has two great purposes when hosting a property viewing – not only will you make the process safer for you, your estate agent, and your prospective buyer, but it is also a way of building trust between you and the buyer by showing a level of courtesy and respect. 

While it is not really your responsibility, it is also a great idea to prepare to supply your prospective buyer with face masks and gloves too. There’s a good chance that they will bring their own personal protective equipment, and their estate agent will no doubt have prepared them to need to. Nonetheless, you can help everyone in the process remain within government guidance by having PPE and hand sanitiser ready by the door to be supplied if necessary. 


3. Leave your cupboards and doors open 

PPE and social distancing are hugely important parts of making it safe for people to enter your home for a property viewing. However, it’s important to remember that anyone visiting for a physical viewing is a prospective buyer of your home. As such, they’re going to want to give it a real inspection to be sure that they are ready to make any kind of offer. 

Touching surfaces is incredibly difficult to avoid entirely. Your viewer will no doubt have been requested to refrain from touching things while viewing your home, but accidentally touching surfaces is very possible. One thing you can do to remove the need for physical touching is to leave as many doors, windows and cupboards open as possible.

To make it as easy as possible for your prospective buyer and estate agent to move through your home without needing to touch anything, leaving all the windows, doors and cupboards open is a great idea. This essentially allows people to move and more thoroughly inspect your home without needing to touch surfaces or handles. 

4. Consider leaving the property during the viewing

Hygiene measures are fantastic, but it goes without saying that social distancing and reducing physical contact is one of the main ways of combatting the potential spread of the virus. As a homeowner, no one knows better than you how easy or difficult it will be to maintain the proper physical distance in your property. 

If possible, it’s a great idea to plan to be away from the property during the viewing. Of course, even planning to be out and about can be difficult during these times. As an alternative, we often recommend that house sellers plan to wait either in the garden or out on the street during the property viewing. 

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