How to Design Your House

22nd June 2022

JonSimon Estate Agents are experts in all things housing and property – especially when it comes to designing and adding value to your home. In this guide, we aim to fill you with tips and tricks to design your dream house without breaking the bank.


Designing your house in the current housing market


Over the past two years, house prices in the UK have skyrocketed, rising by a soaring average of £55,551 in just 24 months. However, you needn’t worry if you’re considering buying a home, as prices are set to fall by around 5% in the coming two years. If you’re selling your house, however, you could benefit. This huge increase is just an effect of the coronavirus pandemic.


Regardless of the current housing market – and housing trends for that matter – there is no reason why you can’t design, decorate and add value to your home by yourself.


Designing and decorating your house should be an exciting task. Of course, it can be a huge responsibility, and perhaps an overwhelming task, but designing your house is a fantastic learning experience. Whether you’re designing your new home and looking to add a splash of personality, wanting to sell your property and need some design inspiration, or maybe you’re a prospective buyer and desire some specific information to help you understand this aspect of the market, we’re here to outline all you need to know about designing your house and personalising it with different design schemes and colours.


When it comes to designing and decorating your home, JonSimon Estate Agents should be your go-to experts for equipping you with all the knowledge you need.


We may know a thing or two about your property-related queries; in fact, we know quite a lot. If you would like to find out more about designing your house and how JonSimon estate agents can help with home design in BurnleyRadcliffe and Ramsbottomget in touch with us today for a free quote or consultation.


What to expect from the house design process


The house design process is a fun and overwhelming one that may seem daunting for some. If you’ve just bought a new home and you’re moving in, it can be a thrilling, pleasurable experience – but it can also place a burden of stress on you, especially when it comes to decorating and the design process.


You may be wondering how to make your space flaunt a sense of style, while also incorporating a touch of your personality and a style that reflects you. Even if you’re selling your home, the design process is crucial; after all, potential buyers desire a home that looks spectacular.


Plan it out

When it comes to decorating your home, the design process is what you make it. You must first set out what you want to achieve from the design and how you want your home to look by developing a brief. This could include establishing the style, as well as the theme and colours you want around your home.


First, you will want to study your dream designer house and carry out some research to determine exactly how you want the space to look. In professional house design, you may have an expert create a concept, refine the layouts, and then produce a technical design of the home. This is common in numerous reference projects, and one of the many things that JonSimon can help you with.


Establish a design style

It’s always advisable to plan your interior design around certain items, furniture, furnishings and decor pieces. The pieces you choose should preferably be in the same style as the décor you’ve chosen. After that, choose the colours you wish to utilise in the space. In general, it’s best to stick to three colours and then experiment with variants and adaptations of those colours.


To help reflect yourself in your new home interior and decor, assemble a mosaic of items and materials in your preferred colourways. To produce a cohesive finish, remember to consider the furniture, curtains, walls, and flooring. You could also consider lighting – there are many architectural lighting schemes to choose from.


House styles and trends for 2022


Home design and furniture trends change all the time, sometimes even fading out and coming back in trend. The current furniture trends in 2022 focus on colours and prints, minimalism, neutral shades, and bringing the outside in through incorporating plants in their contemporary homes. Eco-friendliness is another huge design trend for a complete home renovation, as people look for efficient, low-cost homes.


Kitchen trends

Current kitchen design trends consist of more colourful cabinetry, along with smart storage, tiling and upscale details. Many homeowners are opting for bolder coloured units in their kitchen spaces. Another design feature on-trend right now is herringbone floors. Marble is very popular right now, be it marble worktop, marble flooring or marble splashbacks. While smart appliances are also a hot trend, wooden features can make great interiors for house builders.


Bathroom trends

Current bathroom trends focus on smooth, serene surfaces, sleek fittings and clean lines. Built-in storage, bespoke cabinets and floating shelving are in trend for the functional side of bathrooms. Stone finishes, ceramic walls and finishes, along with open showers and terracotta features also define current bathroom trends.


Living room trends

The latest living room trends are currently defined by decorating the space with plants, combining modern with contemporary, and either opting for minimalism or going bold. Plants are a huge detail of modern living rooms. Natural, earthy colours are trending right now for many house projects.


In terms of your entire house, many are opting for eco-friendliness, timbered homes, custom house plants and comfy furniture to create a cosy feel.


Colour palettes and personal touches

Adding colour to your home isn’t just about applying drabs of paint to your walls and doors; you can add colour by throwing in small touches. Laying down a vibrant rug or pampering your sofa with elegant pillows can bring colour to your space. Furnishings can be the key to bringing your home to life.


Earthy, natural colours – hues of grey and shades of white – are on-trend and have been for a while, bucking the trend of the contemporary style. But, there are many colours you can opt for on an almost infinite colour palette. Green is very on-trend now, especially sage and pistachio shades of colour.


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