5 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

30th June 2021

Providing you have the money and time to invest, adding value to your home via renovation is always a sound decision. Whether you’ve been in your current property for 5 years, or 5 weeks, there are always fantastic and innovative ways of adding a few thousand pounds more to the cost of your house. Our expert team at JonSimon have seen plenty of different projects that have added serious value and made a property a much more attractive prospect for buyers. The best thing about adding value is that it can be done by people with a range of budgets. Those small to medium-sized projects, if done smartly, are just as worthwhile an investment as those more expensive renovations.


In today’s blog, we’re going to be looking at five ways that you can add even more appeal to your property. From the cost-effective solutions that can be done relatively quickly to the seriously big investments, we’ll have ideas to suit all people and budgets. If you’re on the hunt for a new house, are wanting to sell yours, or are interested in becoming a landlord, why not get in touch with us here at JonSimon? Operating across the north, in areas such as Burnley and Ramsbottom has allowed us to help hundreds of people. This experience, twinned with our knowledge of the local area, makes us supremely confident we can help you whatever your circumstances are.


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The Top 5 Ways To Add Value To Your Home


So, the time has come to roll up your sleeves and get to work renovating your home. You want to create new spaces, looks, and features that are going to make where you live even more attractive to potential buyers. However, it can be tricky to know what to do first. After all, what if you invest time and money into something, only for it to not provide the return on investment that you thought it would? You want to be reassured that what you’re doing is worth your while, and going to be reflected in the property price. Thankfully, all you have to do is check out these 5 ideas below. Any one of these is going to seriously improve your property’s standing, that much we’re sure. After all, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about properties!


Loft conversion


We’re kicking off the top 5 ways to add value with a big one – the attic conversion. There’s a good chance that your house will have a dusty old loft that everyone is afraid to go in for fear of creepy-crawlies! However, while that indoor space is like that, it isn’t adding value. A successful attic conversion, one that becomes an extra bedroom, provides extra living space, or is simply a nice place to store things, can be a cost-effective way of making your house bigger and increasing the appeal for potential buyers. Even better, if you can add some windows, in the form of skylights, and an ensuite bathroom, the value will increase further. To be safe, we’d recommend chatting to an architect or builder about the structural integrity of the floor space and roof before you start work.


Update plumbing and wiring


This second suggestion may not be the most exciting one, but there’s real value in updating these unseen features of your house. This is especially true if you live in an old house that has period features. For prospective buyers, knowing that the property that they are looking at has all the basics, such as plumbing and wiring, in place is one less thing to think about. By getting in professionals to renovate your entire plumbing and wiring system, problems can be ironed out and, once done, you can focus on making those cosmetic changes, safe in the knowledge that those essential aspects are sorted.


Carry out a kitchen makeover


The kitchen and dining space is the heart of most properties. It’s where parties are had, where families reconvene and chat at the dinner table, and where wonderful memories are made. If you have the time and budget, renovating this space should be at the top of the list. Kitchen remodels that are done right drastically increase the price of a property. This is especially true if you add attractive features such as hardwood floors, light fittings, and smart technology. For future buyers, an attractive, fresh kitchen will go a long way to convincing them that your property is for them. And, the best thing about a kitchen renovation is that you can go as big or small as you want. A fresh lick of paint to accentuate some original features, combined with some new cabinet doors will make the kitchen feel fresh and new, and won’t do any harm to the house price.


Add bifold doors


Speaking of natural light, adding french doors (also known as bi-folds) will allow light to pour into your living room, kitchen, or dining room. Creating these wow factors is priceless and a huge attraction for people looking to purchase a house. Not only will you create a visual and physical link to the garden, but you’ll also be able to enjoy this new outdoor room during the summer months. While expensive, the return on investment will certainly be worth it.


Knock out some walls


Knocking out the right internal walls can increase the sense of space in your home, and open everything up to create a wonderful new flow. For example, your small kitchen and dining room could be knocked through to create a huge new open-plan kitchen that makes the whole house feel bigger and airier. Getting rid of these obstructive walls creates a spacious layout that is on the wish list of many prospective buyers. Open arrangements create more natural light which is always inviting, however, you must check with a builder or architect before you do this as you don’t want to knock down a wall that supports the upper floors.


Other Quick-fire Ways To Add Value:


Repaint rooms.


Create a second bathroom/toilet.


Invest time in landscaping the garden.


Add in a shower and a bath.


Make external repairs.


Insulate your home.


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We hope this blog has given you some inspiration and got you excited to carry out some renovations of your own. If you have recently renovated your home and are looking to sell it to prospective buyers, then why not get in touch with us at JonSimon? We’d be delighted to help you sell your property and our team will make sure every step of the process is an enjoyable experience. Similarly, if you’re someone who is looking for that first home, or wants a new property because of the imminent arrival of some little ones, we have a range of fantastic properties that are on sale across North Manchester and the north in general, in areas such as Radcliffe.


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