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Lettings Agent in North Manchester

At JonSimon Estate Agents, we understand that being a landlord is no walk in the park. Between property maintenance, finding new tenants and choosing the right government-approved deposit scheme, to organising tenancy agreements, insurance, taxes and rent, there’s a lot to take care of, and a lot at stake when it comes to tenant happiness and the profitability of your business portfolio. Even if you’ve been in the game for years, you know that things do occasionally slip through the cracks, that unfortunately, can result in reputational damage, loss of tenants and potentially legal action if not dealt with in an efficient manner. Mistakes do happen. Issues occur. It’s all part of life. But don’t let it ruin yours. With our landlord services covering everything from valuations, property promotion and repairs to legislation-based seminars that ensure you’re always up to date with us, you’ll always have peace of mind, because you’ll be working with a business that puts your needs first, allowing you to focus on growing your portfolio.


And how do we manage these responsibilities so well without succumbing to heartburn, breakdowns or strokes? Well, our experienced team of letting agents manage over 400 properties between them, and by regularly making time for each of our landlords and their tenants, ensure that everyone receives the high level of service that our business was built on. It’s really that simple.

Letting Agent in Burnley, Ramsbottom and Radcliffe

As a letting agency covering North Manchester and Lancashire, we have spent many years here at JonSimon getting to know the Burnley, Ramsbottom, Bury and Radcliffe areas. We help all landlords, from ones who own substantial property portfolios to landlords with individual units, all of whom we help find the right tenants for their properties. This commitment to working in the local areas of Burnley, Bury, Ramsbottom and Radcliffe gives us that unique knowledge to help both landlords and prospective tenants looking for a property.


We can help landlords because we have spent time learning information about the local areas that we operate in and can promote the most eye-catching features of Burnley, Ramsbottom, Bury and Radcliffe. In addition to this, our team can make your property look like the most desirable apartment or house on the market thanks to well-written advertisements and impactful photography.


Alternatively, for tenants, we’ll work hard to understand your circumstances and find a suitable range of properties for you to visit. Our team knows you don’t want to be bombarded with jargon and will endeavour to keep the whole process as simple and as stress-free as possible.

Right from the moment you get in touch with us, you’ll quickly see that working with JonSimon was the correct decision, regardless of whether you’re a prospective tenant or landlord. If you’re a landlord, our team will work hard to get to grips with your property portfolio, before working out bespoke property solutions that will ensure you get a maximum return on investment (ROI). For people seeking tenancy, we’ll help you find the right property with the right amount of rooms, bedrooms and amenities to suit your needs.


We’re proud to work across the Lancashire and the North Manchester area, and, while we may be biased, we think it’s the best place to grow your property portfolio or seek tenancy. For more information about how we can help you find, or rent out, your property, be sure to get in touch with our team today. Simply call us on 0161 723 1155 for Radcliffe, 01706 489 966 for Ramsbottom or 01282 427445 for Burnley. We look forward to hearing how we can help you.

Our Key Services

From valuing your rental properties and promoting them through various platforms, to tenant sourcing, taking care of all legal requirements and of course, full-on property management, we’re always there for our landlords, ensuring that their businesses are as productive as possible.




Valuing a rental property is a little different to valuing a house for sale because along with local market data, unique selling points and industry fluctuations, you also need to take monthly costs such as electricity, heating and Wi-Fi into account, ensuring that you leave room for profit too. If math isn’t your strong point, or you’re concerned about under-valuing your properties, then we’ll evaluate your range of houses, bungalows, townhouses and apartments for you, considering all costs, and provide you with a realistic, yet fair price to charge for monthly rent.


We’ll also recommend upgrades that can add value, therefore allowing you to increase your fees, seeing a greater return on investment in the long run.


Marketing Your Portfolio


It’s no secret that this is the favourite part of our sales team’s job, and involves lots of fun activities, such as:


  • Taking eye-catching imagery of key rooms around your properties.
  • Writing in-depth, accurate and encouraging property descriptions that make every reader want to find out more.
  • Helping you to organise your Energy Performance Certificate, which you must have before you are legally able to market your home.
  • Promoting your portfolio on key websites such as RightmoveZoopla and our very own, as well as on all of our shiny office windows.


When you’ve attracted some interest, we’ll then organise viewings where potential tenants can wander around your property, get to know you, our team and ask any questions that they may have. We’ll also run background checks on any tenants that take your fancy, looking at their credit scores, current debts and employment status, as well as character references from their current employers and previous landlords.


Property Management


Our property management services include:


  • Comprehensive photographic inventories to protect your assets from breakage disputes.
  • Protection of deposits within a registered and approved Government scheme.
  • Rent collection.
  • Regular inspections of your properties, with maintenance, carried out as and when necessary.
  • Access to our network of local contractors, who are always on hand to help with leaks, boiler breakdowns and other unexpected issues.
  • Assistance with rent reviews and increases on periodic tenancies.
  • Issuing legal notices relating to tenants who are non-compliant with tenancy terms.
  • Re-advertisement of a property before the current tenant exits.


Just think about how much easier your job becomes with JonSimon taking care of your tenants and properties.


Legal Requirements


Not the most thrilling part of your job, but we honestly enjoy organising the tenancy agreements, ‘Consent to Let’ forms and ‘How to rent’ guides, because it means that our clients are one step closer to moving their new tenants into their property. We don’t bombard you with legal jargon and complicated terms. We’ll talk you through every document so that you have a thorough understanding of their importance and the actions that you need to take going forward. This keeps you within the letter of the law, while ensuring that your best interests are taken care of.


Houses To Let In Burnley, Ramsbottom and Radcliffe

Helping people find suitable accommodation is our passion, as is our desire to help landlords in Lancashire and North Manchester grow their portfolio from the ground up. That feeling of knowing all parties involved are happy with the agreements we have put together is unmatched, and it’s what drives us to continue here at JonSimon.


Our years working in the property industry, helping landlords find tenants for their properties, means we always have a range of homes available. From smaller 2 bedroom homes which are perfect for people starting out, through to larger houses which can be close to loved ones, and are favoured by young families who enjoy the security of an assured shorthold tenancy and stable costs of rent – we have something for everyone. From big kitchens to terraces, ample sized gardens to good transport links, to local town centres, such as Burnley town centre, we’re confident we have the right house to let in Burnley, Ramsbottom or Radcliffe for you.


Conversely, for landlords, because we have worked in the market for so long, we can offer a quick and knowledge-led service that can get you a healthy return and quickly. This kind of experience is matched by few and puts us in a fantastic position to help you let your property in Burnley, Lancashire and the wider north-west. We’ll ensure the whole process, from passing on tenancy information to making sure all your legal obligations are met and ensuring the benefits of your property are promoted effectively – either in the descriptions or through the photography – is simple and stress-free.


Why Live In Burnley, Ramsbottom or Radcliffe

As we said, we’re a little biased, but we honestly think that the areas we cover are great places to let property, as well as being fantastic areas in which to live and work. Within a relatively small area, there are so many amenities, great schools and other opportunities to see and do things, and it’s all contained in a beautiful, picturesque part of the UK.


Just in the borough of Burnley alone, there are dozens of primary, secondary and higher educational establishments all of which are good quality. In fact, the city recently announced plans to build a brand new school at the cost of £5.4 million pounds and, prior to that in 2017, they opened a new multi-million pound Burnley High School.


In terms of employment opportunities specific to Burnley, one of the biggest employers is Lancashire County Council, which is situated in the heart of Burnley Town Centre. As well as the council, Military Air Solutions and Boohoo also have a large number of employees living and working here.


In addition to the number of schools and employment opportunities in Burnley, there are also lots of green spaces to walk and explore, places, for instance, such as Thompson ParkQueen’s Park, and Brun Valley Forest Park, all of which are renowned in Burnley and are great places to visit. Overall, Burnley is a thriving market town that has the bonus of being directly in the middle of the Pennines, which is arguably one of the most stunning areas in the UK.


Located just 26 and 44 minutes away from Burnley respectively, are our other two favourite places to help sell properties – Ramsbottom and Radcliffe. Both of the charming market towns are close to populous cities such as ManchesterBolton and Liverpool and, as a result, have become popular places for landlords and tenants alike to build their property empire, and live and work.

What To Do In These Areas

Across North Manchester and Lancashire, there are countless things to see and do. The North West, along with the Midlands, was the home of the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th century, however, since that time, it has undergone a new type of revolution and is now a modern, diverse area of the country that houses a thriving hospitality sector along with plenty of friendly faces, a few Premier League football teams and, just to top things off, some of the country’s best scenery.


If you’re looking to live in and around Burnley, Ramsbottom or Radcliffe, and are wondering how you’ll spend your free time, then have no fear, JonSimon can help! Once you’ve found your dream property on your ideal street, you should absolutely head into Burnley town centre and check out Weavers Triangle Visitors Centre. Alternatively, you could take a stroll down Curzon Street or Bankfield, both of which are packed with popular high streets stores such as Next, Primark and The Entertainer. Another staple of the city is Bank Hall, a historical landmark housed in the aforementioned Thompson Park, as is the Singing Ringing Tree, which is just 10 minutes south of the city centre by car. For the walkers amongst us, Pendle Hill is a must-visit!


For those looking for properties in Ramsbottom and Radcliffe, then you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to multiple bedroom properties, charming market towns and bustling cities full of job opportunities and things to see and do. In Radcliffe town centre, there is charming nature walks and scenery, from Outwood Country Park to the River Irwell. In addition, Heaton Park, which is home to countless summer concerts, is only 19 minutes south of Radcliffe by car, and, for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle, Manchester is only 35 minutes south by car and, naturally, is home to countless shops, cafes and bars.


Slightly north of Radcliffe is Ramsbottom, which is another area where you can find a wide range of apartments and houses that are perfect for young professionals and families alike. Nestled between Blackburn and Bolton, Ramsbottom is a quiet market town with plenty of independent shops, bars and restaurants in its town centre such as Grind & TampOwens and The Dressing Room. Life Radcliffe, Ramsbottom isn’t too far from Manchester and Liverpool and you can easily visit either of these locations thanks to the great transport links in Ramsbottom.


“We have used JonSimon since 2015 and we have been given great service. As a multiple property landlord, I wanted to ensure that I had good tenants and the tenants had a good experience whilst they were in our property. The communication for us has always been good, with regular feedback on how the quarterly reviews are going. Our tenants have always been happy with the level of service that JonSimon gives them, so honestly, we can’t fault them.’’ P Singh, (Letting through our Radcliffe Branch.)

Why You Should Choose Jon Simon Estate Agents

From property management and maintenance to tenant screening and rent collection, we can take care of everything, allowing you to focus on the business functions that matter the most. Our local expertise and industry knowledge guides everything we do, ensuring that the price you set for rent is both feasible and profitable.


We won gold accolades from the 2017 and 2018 British Property Awards, marking our team as the best local estate agents in the Bury area. We have glowing testimonials and 5-star reviews on allAgents, as well as accreditations from the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).


Come on. Let’s show the world your fantastic portfolio. To learn more about our services and what we can offer you, please get in touch with us today on one of the following numbers:


Radcliffe: 0161 723 1155

Burnley: 01282 427 445

Ramsbottom: 01706 48 9966

What our clients say

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Here’s what our clients say about their experience when working with us:

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Interactively transform clicks-and-mortar e-commerce without maintainable platforms. Seamlessly strategize web-enabled niche markets after backend partnerships. Enthusiastically strategize mission-critical models rather...

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